What’s on Our Desert Bookshelf? Part I: 20 Cheap Paperbacks

One of our hobbies we enjoy is browsing museum gift shops and
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Update 12/08/21: Efforts to build a new community park at Historic Gilman
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“The Gubler family has loved and grown orchids for three generations. Swiss
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Malki Museum may be temporarily closed due to Covid-19. Please check their
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If you sometimes find yourself driving on California State Highway 62, in
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Deputy Will Smithson and men like Ed Silver lived in Daggett at a time when the west was supposed to have been tamed, when it had become civilized, you might say.

Unfortunately, the news of civilization seemed to have bypassed Daggett, and to locals and drifters alike, the Wild West was doing just fine the way it was, thank you.

Justice was going to be meted out in the tradition of the west if the angry mob caught up with Silver.

A rope and a tree waited for the former Buffalo Soldier, unless the sheriff could catch him first…

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