Mathilde “Ma” Preston: Queen of the Desert

The stern appearing lady with her French lilted English showed up in Calico with plans for the future, and a desire to succeed in what was still a man’s world. Cafes and rooming houses in Daggett sprang up.  These were used as meeting places for business, as well as entertainment.  One of the more popular
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Admit it. If you’ve traveled on the I-40 or Route 66, you’ve stopped for ice cream or gasoline. Maybe a corn dog.

The tiny ghost town of Ludlow, California is just off these long stretches of roads. You can’t miss it and if you do, you have miles to go before you can turn around.

We think Ludlow is the perfect little desert spot in the middle of nowhere. Ludlow is home to quite a few abandoned ramshackle houses and countless rusted cannibalized vintage cars. Ludlow even has its own pioneer cemetery. Like many ghost towns, what Ludlow has the most of is a wealth of history.

You could say Ludlow has it all…

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