Cabot Yerxa: Miracle Man of Desert Hot Springs

Update: The Cabot Pueblo Museum is temporarily closed to the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check the museum’s website (below) for current information about closures before you go. It is a given that when researching information about a particular topic, one discovery often leads to another. Such is the case when we recently
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Just what keeps the memory of this old town alive more than a century after it was born in the midst of the mining boom of the 19th Century?

Walk down Butte Avenue and, in the middle of the block, you will surely find the answer at the Rand Desert Museum.

Founded in 1943 and given over to Kern County in 1948, the museum is the heart and soul of the old town.

When Kern County couldn’t bear the expense of maintaining the museum, it was given back to Randsburg proper.

To this day it is run by the residents of the Rand Mining District.

Even more that a hundred years later, there remains life in these hallowed hills.

This year, the 16th Annual Old West Day took place right on the main drag thru town, Butte Avenue.

I like big buttes, I cannot lie…

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