What’s on Our Desert Bookshelf? Part I: 20 Cheap Paperbacks

One of our hobbies we enjoy is browsing museum gift shops and used bookstores for nuggets of information in the form of small books and pamphlets. Some are out-of-print so discovering these treasures is extra fun.

As you can imagine, we have collected quite a few desert-related books over the years. If anything good can be gleaned from the pandemic, it has allowed many of us extra time to catch up on reading.

Here are some of our favorite paperbacks we still refer to often. Some of our used books cost a couple of bucks just a few years ago but have since skyrocketed in value.

As amazon affiliates, we have provided you with links but many of our suggestions can still be found in local museums when they reopen. Be sure to check to see if they have online stores. Other places to look for discounted books? Try yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets. Please let us know your favorite paperback book titles so we may add them to our collection.

More Tales of Tecopa, A Memoir of a Frontier Mining Town by Mary Lou Walbergh

Barstow Depots & Harvey Houses by Germaine L. Ramounachou Moon

Lost Borders by Mary Hunter Austin

Caught Dead to Rights by Zoe Crevecoeur-Erickson

Mojave Desert Wildflowers: A Field Guide To Wildflowers, Trees, And Shrubs Of The Mojave Desert, Including The Mojave National Preserve, Death Valley, Joshua Tree National Park by Pam MacKay

The Basic Essentials of Desert Survival by Dave Ganci

The History of Apple Valley by Kate O’Rourke

The Gold Mines of Blackhawk Canyon, San Bernardino-Big Bear by Walter Del Mar

Mountains of Fire, San Luis Obispo County’s Nine Sisters–a Chain of Ancient Volcanic Peaks by Sharon Lewis Dickenson

Mojave Desert, American Deserts Handbook by Southwest Parks and Monuments Association

Where to Find Gold in the Desert by James Klein

Mines of the East Fork by John W. Robinson

Trackwoman Number Two, Revision of Four Years of Track Life by Frances Armstrong Wood

Big Bear Panorama by Big Bear High School, Edited by Beatrice Pedder

The Mojave: A Portrait of the Definitive American Desert by David Darlington

The San Jacinto Mountains, A Brief Natural History by James W. Cornett

Gold Gamble by Roberta Martin Starry

Red Light Women of Death Valley by Robin Flinchum

Fort Pah-Ute California by Dennis G. Casebier

True Tales and Amazing Legends of the Old West by True West Magazine

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