The Mystery of Creepy Dolls

Sometimes you find some mighty strange things in the desert. Dolls, for instance. Abandoned, ragged, caked with grime. The creepier, all the better.

They’re not common but there’s enough out there in the middle of nowhere to give one pause for thought. We’re not the only ones who occasionally discover them. In fact, there is a certain fan base who specifically hunt out creepy dolls in the desert as part of their trip.



We wonder who owned the doll–most have sentimental value so why was it left behind to the elements. We’ve occasionally stumbled upon them in even in the most remote of areas but they seem to be more prolific around small towns, usually on abandoned properties. As always, we do not recommend trespassing in posted areas but we’ll leave it to your own discretion.


Creepy doll returns to make her 2016 debut. The last time we posted this people lost their minds. True story.


We’ve heard there’s a trail in Browns Canyon near Chatsworth with dolls. Whether a child or a benefactor left them for others to find and marvel over is yet to be determined. Sometimes dolls look like they’re staged in a macabre crime scene. Many people display dolls as art around a property, oftentimes with missing heads or limbs. We try to avoid those kinds of people at all costs.




You may even spot a mannequin at an abandoned mine entrance. It is always best to leave things where you find them –dolls, or otherwise, for others to enjoy. Occasionally abandoned places really aren’t as abandoned as they seem. Do you sometimes feel like you are being watched? Maybe it’s just a lifeless pair of doll eyes. Talking Tina wants to be your friend.


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  • I was out hiking to the East of Mule Canyon near Calico Mountain and in the middle of nowhere I came upon a pitch black headless female mannequin standing in the desert. Did not in my wildest dreams expect to see something like that, that day. So definitely creepy.

    Upon closer inspection someone was using it for target practice. So not as creepy as I first thought.

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