Pioneer Cemeteries Etiquette

We love exploring pioneer cemeteries in the Mojave Desert, especially remote ones. There are many pioneer cemeteries in San Bernardino County, which is the largest county in the contiguous United States.


We will gladly share with you the ones we’ve visited but we ask in return that you show the utmost of respect to these sensitive, historic sites.  Do some research before you go so you know what you are dealing with.


Remember, some of the graves are hard to see until you get almost right on top of them. Graves may be unmarked.  Never drive your vehicle where graves may be present.  When in doubt, get out of your vehicle and walk to the grave.


Please do not walk on top of graves. Some have soft earth or holes from burrowing animals and could collapse.


Oftentimes, graves have mementos left by loved ones. Never touch or remove anything. Take only photos and memories.  Leave only footprints and your respects.


Please do not enter a cemetery at night, or if it is closed with a locked gate. Grave robbing, vandalism and desecration of graves carries huge penalties, legally and spiritually.


Do not conduct seances, use Ouji boards, or have any paranormal investigations to contact spirits without notifying and getting permission of cemetery officials. 


Do not photograph or film irreverent scenes at cemeteries. 


If the cemetery officials say no, they mean no so don’t try to bribe them or break the rules when they’re not around.


Some cemeteries offer restroom facilities on site but most do not.  If you hear the call of nature, go somewhere else to do your business. 


Be respectful of the deceased, as well as the living. Please pay tribute to early settlers and their families by learning about their lives and enjoying the history they created.


There’s probably other negative scenarios we overlooked.  All we ask is for you to use common sense and not to do anything we would not do.  Stay classy. Your cooperation is appreciated.







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  • Linda Kruse Crandell

    February 5, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    Great pic….

      • Speaking of pics I loved the one of the Hotel in Daggett with the ghost of Death Valley Scotty in the window.

        I was tempted to go into Daggett and peer in the window to see if they had a Scotty cut-out in the room. I realize they probably don’t but seeing your photo it would be an awesome thing to do.

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