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Welcome to Stonehenge II, located in Ingram, Texas. And to think, it
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Natural springs provides the majority of the water for the San Antonio River, which flows from San Antonio to the Gulf of Mexico. The green water at River Walk may look shallow but the depth varies from 2 to 24 feet. You may have heard Texans love tubing in local rivers but this is not that place…

Although we may be new residents of Texas, my relatives trace back to Texas for five generations. My Cherokee GG-Grandfather, Lewis Andrew Mulkey was one of those Texas Rangers…

After Snowmageddon finally dwindled away, we visited to the nearby town of Bandera, Texas; known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World,” with a population of 957. The charming little town struck our fancy right away…

Team work makes the dream work. In hardly anytime at all we were packed up and ready to evacuate. Left the RV park in the middle of a sideways blizzard with no regrets. Still no electricity after 16 hours…

Keeping an eye on our local booming house prices in our sleepy southern California desert town spearheaded us in the right direction…

Cafes and rooming houses in Daggett sprang up. These were used as meeting places for business, as well as entertainment. One of the more popular joints was known as “Ma Preston’s”…

As the saying goes, so many books, so little time. Picking out
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We get asked quite often, “How do you find all the places
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Let’s face it. Most of us would rather be exploring somewhere in
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